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The new procedure of only letting children in the building has dramatically help decrease sickness and keeps our center much cleaner! (1).webp
Helping Your Child Grow & Develop Every Step Of The Way!
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Day Care, Early Child Care | Time To Succeed, Altoona PA


To Time To Succeed

& Early Learning Center



Our committed staff and innovative programs will prepare your child for the future. Time to Succeed can teach your child learning skills with the addition of a Christian-based curriculum. We know you will be pleased our sparkling, spacious new facility and with the quality of our staff and lessons. We also have 25 years experience in child care and development to give your child the attention and guidance needed to Succeed. We have developed the best lesson plans for each age group to prepare them for formal education. Our program focuses on a Christian based curriculum that has been developed from a Biblical worldview, planting seeds of faith in children all through the year.


Our Creative lesson plans embrace your child's natural curiosity and ability to learn through play. Our new facility is a conducive environment for intelligence and preparedness. It offers plenty of room for your child to play and grow. We have spaces dedicated to meal times, arts and crafts area, manipulatives, dramatic play, and literacy.

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